5 Reasons to remove Tree Stumps

Reasons to Remove Tree Stumps

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Leaving a tree stump in the ground following a tree removal, whilst it might seem harmless, it can cause a few different issues you may have not considered. Here are five reasons we recommend removing a tree stump: 

Fungal Roots

Tree stumps provide an ideal environment for fungal growth. When a tree is cut down or dies, the wood is left behind to decay, which creates a nutrient-rich environment for fungi to thrive. 

Whilst fungi plays an important role in the natural process of wood decomposition – They break down the wood fibers, releasing nutrients back into the soil and ecosystem, if left untouched nearby other trees and wood, it can spread and cause decay and weakening of these otherwise healthy trees. 

Additionally, if the fungi on the tree stump is known to be harmful to humans or pets, such as certain types of poisonous mushrooms, it is important to keep them away from the tree stump to avoid any handling or consuming of the fungi.

Safety Hazard

If the stump remains following a tree removal, it will be sticking out of the ground, sometimes quite a bit above the ground. This could easily be the cause of a potentially health and safety hazard. Particularly if you have children in the garden, it could cause injury if they were to trip over it when playing. A stump left in the garden may also cause safety issues when gardening, depending on the size and position. 


After a tree is cut down, suckering can start to happen. This is where the tree stump sends up new shoots or growth from the base of the trunk. These new shoots are called suckers and can grow quickly, often aggressively. Suckering is most common in trees that have been damaged or stressed, or in certain species that are prone to producing suckers. While suckering is a natural and healthy process for a tree, it can also be a nuisance if you’ve just had the tree cut down and another starts to grow in its place. They can also be unsightly and difficult to remove.


If the tree that has been removed is a dead tree it becomes an attraction for pests, like termites, ants, and beetles. These pests can easily spread, affecting the health and beauty of other trees in the garden. They can sometimes also spread into your home. Removing the tree stump will help prevent these infestations.

Aesthetically pleasing

An obvious reason to remove a tree stump is because it can be an eyesore in an otherwise well-manicured landscape. Removing it can improve the overall appearance of your property. It also frees up space to create other features such as a greenhouse, patio decking or flower beds. 

If you decide that you want to remove your tree stump, you’ll need to consider whether to get it removed completely or have professionals grind the stump away. If you’re struggling to decide what’s the best option, our article on the difference between either stump grinding or stump removal might help you decide. 

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