Beech Trees Spotlight

Beech Tree Spotlight

Beech trees are known for their beautiful foliage and notable presence. These trees can be found all over the world and are considered an important timber species in many countries. In this guide, we will take a look at where beech trees originated from, the different species of beech trees, where they are best planted, […]

Native vs. Non-Native Trees – Which to Choose

Native v Non Native Trees

When it comes to planting trees, a critical decision to make is whether to choose native or non-native species. In this article, we will explore the benefits of planting native trees and discuss the potential drawbacks of introducing non-native species. Understanding Native and Non-Native Trees Native trees refer to species that have evolved and grown […]

How to protect your trees from wasp damage

Protecting trees from wasps

They might look similar in color, wasps and bees are two very different insects in many ways. We are reliant on bees for most of our food source and encouraging them to our gardens is a good thing to do. Wasps on the other hand can cause issues to our gardens and trees.  Wasps are […]

How trees communicate with each other

How trees communicate

Did you know? Trees can communicate with each other through a network of underground fungi.  It’s formed by an underground group of hyphae (filaments) that form a symbiotic relationship with plant roots. This network is called a mycorrhizal network.  How the mycorrhizal works: The tiny filaments called hyphae, extend from the roots of trees and […]

7 Fascinating Facts about Trees

7 Tree Facts

Trees are amazing things. Without them humans would not exist. Here are 7 interesting facts about them:  Trees can communicate with each other through a network of underground fungi. This network is called a mycorrhizal network. It is made up of tiny filaments called hyphae, that extend from the roots of trees and other plants. […]

Ash Tree Spotlight

Ash Tree Spotlight

How many Ash trees are there? It’s estimated there are around 125 to 150 million Ash Trees in the UK. Across the globe the exact number of ash trees is difficult to estimate precisely due to various factors such as the vastness of forests, the inclusion of both wild and cultivated trees, and the possibility […]

5 Reasons to remove Tree Stumps

Reasons to Remove Tree Stumps

Leaving a tree stump in the ground following a tree removal, whilst it might seem harmless, it can cause a few different issues you may have not considered. Here are five reasons we recommend removing a tree stump:  Fungal Roots Tree stumps provide an ideal environment for fungal growth. When a tree is cut down […]

Choosing a Tree Surgeon: Make the right choice

Choosing a Tree Surgeon Header

Tree surgery is difficult, time consuming and often highly dangerous work. Finding the right person to take care of the work for you could save you from injury, damage to property, and even legal difficulties. But choosing the best company isn’t easy, when so many cowboys out there could actually make things worse, not better. […]

The Oak Tree Spotlight

Oak Tree Spotlight Header

The beautiful oak tree – it’s been around for millions of years and has been highly valued throughout history for its timber, acorns, and cultural significance. It has been mentioned in the literature and mythology of many cultures. How many oak trees are there in the world? It’s difficult to provide an accurate estimate of […]

Protect Your Trees From Storm Damage

Storm Damage Blog Header

Protecting trees from storm damage, particularly younger trees, is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy and beautiful landscape. There are several steps that can be taken to help ensure that your trees are able to withstand the forces of nature and come out unscathed. One of the most important things you can do to […]