Add colour to your winter garden & patio – 6 flowering winter plants

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Now that summer is behind us it is time to think about adding some colour to the garden with some winter plants, that flower. There are some fantastic winter plants for hanging baskets, pots and for the garden so you can keep your outside space looking cheerful throughout the dark days and gloomy weather, right […]

Prep for your Spring garden now!

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As we head out of one of the hottest summers on record into the cooler Autumn and Winter months, ensuring our trees and shrubs are primed to cope with the transition, will give your garden a better chance to thrive next Spring. Here are a few simple things you can do to prep in the […]

5 Trees to plant in Small Gardens

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Trees bring many benefits to our lives. They are proven to be stress relievers. They provide homes for many species of wildlife and birds. Trees also give us shade from the sun or much needed privacy from neighbours, so they are a brilliant thing to add to all gardens. However, if you have a small […]

Taking Care of your Hedges

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A regularly maintained hedge will provide a thick full smart boundary to your property. Miss a few trimming sessions however, and you will soon have a hedge that has lost its shape and a more difficult job on your hands. It is much easier to give the hedge a frequent light trim than it is […]

5 shrubs that will attract Bees to your garden

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Bees are critical to life on this planet. Did you know they are responsible for over 100 different types of food that we eat? Without them our diet would be nothing like it is today. Due to various factors such as pesticides, changing weather patterns and loss of habitat, honeybees continue to decline each year. […]