Native vs. Non-Native Trees – Which to Choose

Native v Non Native Trees

When it comes to planting trees, a critical decision to make is whether to choose native or non-native species. In this article, we will explore the benefits of planting native trees and discuss the potential drawbacks of introducing non-native species. Understanding Native and Non-Native Trees Native trees refer to species that have evolved and grown […]

5 Reasons to remove Tree Stumps

Reasons to Remove Tree Stumps

Leaving a tree stump in the ground following a tree removal, whilst it might seem harmless, it can cause a few different issues you may have not considered. Here are five reasons we recommend removing a tree stump:  Fungal Roots Tree stumps provide an ideal environment for fungal growth. When a tree is cut down […]

Protect Your Trees From Storm Damage

Storm Damage Blog Header

Protecting trees from storm damage, particularly younger trees, is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy and beautiful landscape. There are several steps that can be taken to help ensure that your trees are able to withstand the forces of nature and come out unscathed. One of the most important things you can do to […]

How to Detect Early Signs of Unhealthy Trees

Detecting early signs of unhealthy trees

Trees are one of the most beautiful parts of nature. They provide shade, food for animals, and a natural habitat for birds and other wildlife. However, like any living thing, trees can fall ill or develop problems that make them unhealthy or dangerous. One of the most important things about regular tree care is being […]

Stump Grinding or Stump Removal – Which one should you go for

Stump Grinding or Removal Blog Header

If you have a tree stump in your garden leftover from a tree removal, you’ll likely have heard both terms – Stump Grinding and Stump Removal. So, what’s the difference and does it matter which option you go for? The bottom line is that both grinding, and removal achieve the same outcome. They are simple […]

Troublesome tree roots and sewer pipes

Tree roots header

We all love our trees but it is important to remember that underground, any tree’s root system can spread rapidly. Typically tree roots are fairly shallow with the majority of the root system found in the top 60cm of soil and the roots can spread far beyond the spread of the branches as they stretch […]

Planting Bare-Root Trees & Shrubs

Bare root trees header

If you’re looking to buy a new tree, including hedging plants and larger shrubs, you will probably find you have three options:  Bare-rooted Containerised (this is, in a pot) Root-balled (usually having been root-pruned and wrapped in fabric) Bare rooted plants are usually cheaper than the other options and provide opportunity to put plants in […]

Let the light through!

Light Blog Header

Now that the season of spring and summer is upon us, most of us can’t wait to get out in the sunshine, start up the BBQ, have some evening cocktails in the garden., top up on that Vitamin D! Our gardens feel the same, they need the sunshine to thrive so at this time of […]

5 Trees to plant in Small Gardens

Small Garden Blog Header

Trees bring many benefits to our lives. They are proven to be stress relievers. They provide homes for many species of wildlife and birds. Trees also give us shade from the sun or much needed privacy from neighbours, so they are a brilliant thing to add to all gardens. However, if you have a small […]