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Tree surgery is difficult, time consuming and often highly dangerous work. Finding the right person to take care of the work for you could save you from injury, damage to property, and even legal difficulties. But choosing the best company isn’t easy, when so many cowboys out there could actually make things worse, not better. In this article we’ll help you spot the warning signs and learn how to pick a company who will give you great results and keep you protected.

What can a Tree Surgeon do for you?

A good tree surgeon will take all the stress out of tree work for you whether that’s a full tree removal, hedge trimming or just advice. 

Keep you protected

First and foremost, using a tree surgeon takes as much risk out of tree surgery as possible. The best tree surgeons will be health and safety specialists, and fully trained to use the proper safety equipment. What’s more they will know how to take care of even the largest trees without damaging your property. 

Even better, in the highly unlikely event of an accident, they will be fully insured and legally liable for any unjust or damage.

Works to the highest standards

Even though tree surgeons make it look easy, tree surgery is extremely complex work. This service goes beyond the work on the trees themselves; it also means that they will look after your property too. A good tree surgeon will work in a highly professional way, clearing away debris as they work and leaving you with no mess to clear up. 

Tree Removal Cemetry
Tree Removal

Protect the trees and environment

Undertaking tree work without the right qualifications causes so much damage to a tree. A conscientious tree surgeon will also think carefully about where and how to dispose of any waste wood. Cowboy tree surgeons will leave this bend or dump it somewhere, causing harm to the environment. Professional tree surgeons will have thought about the best way to dispose of waste wood in an environmentally-friendly manner. 

What to look for when choosing a tree surgeon

We’ve got some top tips about the things to look out for that should give you confidence that you’re working with a reputable company. 

  • Check their credentials: Probably the most important thing of all is to check that the tree surgeon has the proper qualifications, insurance and professional accreditations. All members of our team are fully qualified and insured. We’re very proud to hold a number of professional accreditations, including the gold standard for arborists, the ARB Approved Tree Surgery accreditation.
  • Check the quality of their work: A Quality tree surgeon will have many years of experience and will want to shout about the work they’ve done to date. You should also find out whether the tree surgeon works to the British Standards for tree surgery. BS 3998 is the expected standard all professional tree surgeons should work to

Look for Professional service

The last thing to look for, which might set a company apart from the competition, is the level of service they offer. You should go with a company that has good customer service from the outset, offer free quotes and make it very simple to contact them. 

At Orchard Tree Surgery, we are proud of the priority we place on our customer service. You can get a free quote and can easily get in touch here

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