Crown Cleaning

What is Tree Crown Cleaning?

Also known as deadwooding, to crown clean a tree is to remove all of the dead or diseased wood. It can also involve removing any debris or unwanted climbing plants. This helps to reduce further disease, aid new and stronger growth, and prevent the dangers of falling branches. The older a tree, the more likely it is to require this service.

It’s worth remembering that dead and rotting wood is an important habitat for a number of animal and plant species, so removal isn’t always necessary or advisable. However, when a branch or entire tree could become dangerous, threatening injury to people or damage to vehicles, houses, and more, professional crown cleaning is vital.

If you’re unsure whether your trees need cleaned, Orchard Tree Surgery will be able to conduct a site visit and advise of the best options. We may also be able to recommend additional or alternative tree pruning services such as crown reduction or crown thinning.

Orchard Tree Surgery is able to provide a high standard of crown cleaning for single or multiple trees and for both commercial and residential clients. With a team of professional tree surgeons and all the necessary equipment, our work is timely, safe, and compliant with all current guidance.

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