Crown Thinning

What is Crown Thinning?

Crown thinning is a method of tree pruning that involves removing a number of smaller secondary branches on a tree. It may be recommended in order to reduce the weight of the tree crown or to minimise wind resistance, which can increase the risk of tree or branch fall. Crown thinning also has other uses: it creates a uniform look to your tree, making it more attractive and allowing more light to pass through the branches.

It is usually broad-leaved trees such as holm oak trees, hornbeams, beeches and fruit trees that require crown thinning, and both large and small trees can undergo this kind of pruning. The overall size or shape of the tree shouldn’t be affected when its crown is thinned. Instead, the density of the branches will be reduced.

Crown thinning is one of the most difficult and precise types of tree pruning, so it’s important to hire a qualified and reputable company like Orchard Tree Surgery to undertake the work.

Orchard Tree Surgery offers professional crown thinning services across Cumbria, the North East and Dumfries & Galloway. With a qualified team of tree surgeons, this work can be done on its own or alongside other tree maintenance and pruning. Crown thinning and reduction, for example, is a popular and useful combination.

We undertake crown thinning in forestry settings as well as private gardens and public places. It is usually recommended to regularly thin the crown of your trees, so ongoing options, as well as one-off jobs, are available. We are able to take on both commercial and domestic jobs.

Orchard Tree Surgery is fully qualified and uses only the best and most modern equipment so that you can be sure of an attractive and professional finish.

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