Site Clearance

What is Site Clearance?

Site clearance is also sometimes referred to as land clearing or tree clearing. It’s usually done in order to make way for new developments or to make an area of land available for other uses. It can also be undertaken following storm damage. Heavy branches may have fallen, or entire trees might have come down. In any of these cases, you will require specialist equipment and machinery such as mulchers, shredders and grapples to safely remove and dispose of the waste

A tree clearing service is likely to require a combination of several different types of tree removal, including felling, dismantling and stump removal. We have all the necessary skills and equipment to carry out every type of work, so you can be confident of a fully-comprehensive land clearing service. You may also require some tree pruning as part of the work and we are able to build this into your quote as needed.

Site Clearance Consultation

If you’re not sure where to start or are making initial development plans, Orchard Tree Surgery can arrange a site visit and offer a range of advice and recommendations. Examining the site with an expert eye, we can help identify the size of a job, the length of time it’s likely to take, and whether there are any other issues you may need to consider. If, for example, any trees on your land are covered by a Tree Protection Order, an application will have to be made to prune or remove them. We can act as an agent in this case and sort out all the paperwork for you.

Health and Safety

With teams of carefully trained tree surgeons, Orchard Tree Surgery is a safety-conscious company and we take every necessary precaution to fulfil each job responsibly and safely. We are fully insured up to £10m for both public liability and employers liability.

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