Target Pruning

What is Natural Target Pruning?

Natural target pruning, also often referred to as natural pruning, is the method of removing most of the branch while leaving the branch collar. The collar is at the base of the branch and is usually evident as a swelling where it meets the tree trunk.

When correctly executed, target pruning allows the wound from the cut to heal effectively. If the cut is too short, the wound cannot heal, and if it’s too close to the trunk, the tree will become more vulnerable to decay and parasites. It’s important that any cuts are made as close to the branch collar as possible, without permanently damaging the trunk itself.

Target pruning is usually used to remove an individual branch or a small number of branches in their entirety, particularly where they are damaged or dangerous. For example, a large branch overhanging a conservatory or garage may require target pruning, as would one that has been broken by wind damage.

As target pruning requires precise cuts and knowledge of how trees grow and heal, it’s important to hire a professional tree pruning company to undertake the work.

Orchard Tree Surgery are fully qualified and knowledgeable in this type of work. You can expect only the best service and a tree that will look handsome and remain healthy after pruning.

If you’re not sure whether natural target pruning is right for your trees, please feel free to browse our other tree pruning services or contact us for more information. We are happy to arrange a site visit and offer professional, no-obligation advice about recommended work.

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