Tree Felling & Dismantling

The Tree Felling Process

Tree felling is the process of cutting down or dismantling a tree so that it is removed completely from a space. It can be a complicated job with a number of risks and is not usually the kind of work that an everyday gardener can undertake. It generally requires specialist tools and skills, as well as specific permissions and licenses.

When you hire Orchard Tree Surgery for tree felling in Cumbria or South West Scotland, we will go through a number of careful processes. These steps will make sure that the right work is done on your tree, and that the work is safe. Poor planning can result in damage to property or even serious injury.

A site visit will be arranged to inspect the tree and its surroundings. This will help to identify any potential difficulties with cutting down a tree. For example, does the tree felling need to take place between houses? What is the state of access to the tree? Is the tree rotting or potentially hazardous in any other ways? Which way will it need to fall when cut? Once a thorough inspection and report has been complete, we can make a plan.

There are a number of considerations when felling a tree. Different types of job will require different types of tools, for example. Fortunately, we have all the different machinery required for all kinds of tree work, and the initial inspection means we can bring the correct equipment on the day.

The best time of year to fell trees is during the dormant season between late winter and early spring. Because most trees have fewer leaves at this time of year, it’s easier to access branches. However, it’s not advisable to wait if your tree is dangerous or likely to become a hazard. Trees can be removed at any time of year, and should only be left if it is safe to do so.

Tree felling can take several days to complete, so please keep this in mind when booking a service.


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Dismantling a Tree

In some cases, felling is not an option, particularly if there is no clear path for the tree to safely fall on. In these instances, we will dismantle the tree instead.

A tree dismantle involves cutting the tree into smaller sections and removing them one by one. It may require the use of lowering techniques to prevent targets on the ground becoming damaged. This can be a good option if the tree has been storm damaged, is dead, or is overhanging property. Tree dismantling may also be necessary if access is difficult.

Fallen Tree Removal

Sometimes a tree will fall, or partly fall, on its own, either because of disease or storm damage. In these instances, Orchard Tree Surgery can help by felling and dismantling the tree remnants, and by clearing the site. If a tree has fallen or is in danger of falling and causing damage or injury, please get in touch as soon as possible for emergency tree work on 07936 411 790.