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If you don’t know me already, my name is Andrew – I am the founder and owner of Orchard Tree Surgery. Born and raised in Carlisle, still living here with my partner and three children.

My love of trees started at a young age which led me to become a trainee Tree Surgeon not long after I left school. Following a few years training I then moved on to study Arboriculture and qualified as an Arborist.

After those years of training and studying, I started Orchard Tree Surgery in 2005. Throughout the last 17 years since then, my goal has been to build a team of dedicated Tree Surgeons that are constantly striving for efficiency and delivering quality work for businesses and residents of Carlisle alike.

Orchard Van

My team and I will continue to deliver quality tree care for our clients as we work to improve our services to you. Our intention in bringing you this new website and blog is to share more information about our team, our services, latest news and generally to provide a bit more insight to life at Orchard Tree Surgery.

We will be posting articles, advice, and tips on many questions we get asked a lot by our customers.

We hope you enjoy the content! Please feel free to send your questions and thoughts on things you would like us to talk about.

Kind Regards,

Andrew – Orchard Tree Surgery  

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